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Finding the right photographer in Seattle is like looking for the perfect soulmate. The best photographer is someone that can look into your mind and see your vision and make it come to life. Someone who provides stunning images that seem like they’re finishing your sentences. Are you looking for a photographer Seattle who always surprises you with more than what you expected?

Whether it’s headshot photography, fashion photography, commercial photography product photography or portraiture, I’ve got one helluva great eye for color and conflict…

The Photographic Process

Your photography session will be uniquely tailored to your specific vision and is a collaborative process. For my modeling and headshot clients, I strive to provide an “instant portfolio” by using several different lighting techniques and wardrobe changes, we can make one photoshoot look like several thus giving you even more credibility.

For my annual report and corporate headshot clientele, I create a “targeted image” that will say everything that needs to be said and will also be psychologically appealing to your clients and investors.

Photoshop compositing

A Photoshop Genius

Sadly, many Seattle photographers don’t know Photoshop beyond basic red eye removal. This is like taking your car to a mechanic that only knows how to add windshield wiper fluid. I come from an extensive background in large format film photography and I know the importance of getting the shot perfect on set, but when you have such an incredible tool such as Photoshop, it would be foolish not to use it.

The trick to Photoshopping is that it should be invisible. No one should know that the image was altered and simply marvel in the beauty of the photograph. Whether you need photo compositions, seamless landscapes, strikingly surreal imagery, or blemishes and wrinkles removed, I got it covered. Add to this skin tone correcting skills that border on the sublime and you have the recipe for incredible photographic images.

Hiring a photographer in Seattle who doesn’t speak Photoshop is throwing your money away.

Roberto Hogue, Photographer Seattle

Discover images that pose more questions than they answer. If you are looking for something specific, let me know and I can create a photograph to fit your vision. If you have any Seattle photography project in need of breathtaking photography, chances are, I’m your soulmate!