Headshot Photographer

Creating the Perfect Seattle Headshot is an Artform

A head shot needs to capture everything about you

Every aspiring actor in Seattle needs a headshot. You gotta have one if you want to get any work. The problem is that after a while, actor headshots all look the same.

Isn’t it time to get your actor headshot that truly makes you stand out? Being different is what gets you the part. Having a Seattle headshot that really shows a deeper essence can get you far in this town.

Sure, there are a million headshot photographers in Seattle that can take a pretty decent actor headshot, but do you really need something that’s just decent?

Get the part. Get a better headshot, Seattle!

Roberto Hogue in a headshot photographer who comes from a fashion and product photography background and knows how to get the perfect angle that will capture a little slice of your soul. Imagine getting that one headshot image that defines exactly who you are

Do you think you can get more work as an actor or actress if producers really connect with your image. An amazing actor headshot can really kick start your acting career.

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